Have made the following amendments:

  1. There are now 3 layouts available: one for home print, one for single page views, one with all the rules on a spread but with separate cover pages
  2. I have removed the word "shaman" from these rules, replacing it with "supplicant" in the first instance and "spirit-talker" in the second.

The second amendment is possibly more interesting, so to expand:

  1. This term was removed for reasons of sensitivity 
  2. This was not requested, insisted on or demanded by any party

I plan on putting up a blog post about the problematic nature of the word "shaman" very soon. In the mean time, it is my plan to remove it from my titles.

Thanks for your attention!



AHMS01_ANIMA(homeprint).pdf 302 kB
Jun 10, 2022
AHMS01_ANIMA(singles).pdf 304 kB
Jun 10, 2022
AHMS01_ANIMA(spreads-cover).pdf 303 kB
Jun 10, 2022


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