Atop the Wailing Dunes: Zine Quest 4

This project is currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter as part of Zine Quest 4: link below!


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I unfortunately missed the Kickstarter. Will this be available in print eventually, and is there any plan to reprint Vol. 1 as well?

hi! Thanks for the comment. Once all the backers are rewarded we’ll definitely find a way to get print copies out to the wider public. Not sure how just yet.  Soul Muppet previously funded a print run of volume 1 and also distributed in US through exalted funeral, we’d love to work with them again but not sure if it will happen, we shall see!

As for a second print run of vol 1, not sure atm. There’s lots of amendments I’d like to make based on feedback from various people, it’s quite a project and I’d rather focus on getting their pariah related stuff out into the wild first (have quite a big back log of material for other adventures and sandboxes, including the “realms “ detailed in the first book.

That said, I did think about making a not-for-profit POD of the free edition, just not sure who! Neither Lulu or DTRPG do saddle-stitched any more, so again some work is required to get it re-layout for a “perfect-bound” (I.e. glued POD) edition. Keep your eyes peeled!