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disorganized hand-to-hand combat in battles fought at abnormally close range...
...with little central control once it starts. 

Melee is a modular, optional, short (1,473 words), attested, independent and coreless MOSAIC Strict combat system  designed to capture the chaos and confusion of a bar room brawl, a medieval melee or a gangland free-for-all. 

Based loosely on the Troika! initiative system by Daniel Sell, this game module requires a set of identical coloured tokens and a twelve-sided die to operate as intended.

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Buy Now£2.00 GBP or more

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This is another masterpiece of a MOSAIC Strict module. Holy crap, pls keep making these!


Thank you! I think it will need some tweaking for groups not keen on getting TPKed in a bar brawl... but it's a bit of a fun knockabout! 

Have quite a few more planned for further down the line, a bit more specific and some a little bit weirder.