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A modular, optional, short (965 words), attested, independent and coreless wilderness exploration system where one player (probably the GM) takes on the role of the environment.

Ready to be plugged in to the free-form RPG or setting of your choice,  just add players and one or more six sided dice.


AHPZ04 "PARIAH: FOOTHILLS OF THE TEETH" a six-mile hex for PARIAH that can be dropped into your sandbox of choice! This version also features a (very wet) weather engine based on Goblin's Henchman's weather hex-flower. 

Find out more about hex flowers here:

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Buy Now£2.00 GBP or more

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AHMS03_GENIUS LOCI 1.2 (homeprint)).pdf 3 MB
AHMS03_GENIUS LOCI 1.2 (spread-cover).pdf 1,022 kB
AHMS03_GENIUS LOCI 1.2(singles).pdf 1,023 kB
AHPZ04_FOOTHILLS OF THE TEETH 1.3 (homeprint).pdf 657 kB
AHPZ04_FOOTHILLS OF THE TEETH 1.3 (singles).pdf 326 kB

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This is such a good system. A terrific guide to trespass in places much larger than ourselves.